Restaurant `Suhring` , Bangkok

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

Whenever i`m travelling in the `land of smiles` the furthest thing from my mind is eating Western food. In my book that`s a cardinal sin. When in Thailand , it should always be Thai food morning, noon and night and never anything else. Don`t go asking me how I ended up in a German Restaurant within a few hours of arriving in the city of Bangkok. My food geek dining buddy `finediningexplorer` told me that I had to go to eat there , booked me in, and that was that. So…. Restaurant Suhring and a multi course German menu to start the Asian holiday it would be then.

The Thai people are extremely passionate about their cuisine and food culture, they like their food to be as traditional as possible and they don`t take too kindly to change. It takes a very brave Chef to set up a traditional German restaurant in a very quiet residential back street in Thailands capital city. In this case it was 2 Germans. 2 identical twin brothers named Thomas and Mathias Suhring heading up a new venture along with The King of Asia `Gaggan Anand` as their business partner. Restaurant Suhring has only been open a short time and has already hit the Asian food scene with quite an impact entering the Top 50 Asian best restaurants at number 13 in their second year of trading. restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

First things first – Getting there. There`s no Skytrain or underground Metro links close to the restaurant so the best plan would be to simply take a Taxi or TukTuk. I printed off a few A4 images from Google Satellite maps which really helped my Taxi driver to recognize the area. The closest city landmark is the Tower so it`s probably the best idea just to head off in that general direction. Asking your driver to take you to `Yen Akat Road` is just going to get you a blank stare. Be patient in the Bangkok traffic , expect a few stops for directions and you`ll eventually find Restaurant Suhring. We arrived to eat early in the evening so it was already dark when we got there. The restaurant and landscaped gardens were beautifully lit , constructed from Wood with floor to roof Glass windows which were very pleasing to the eye. The Asian greenery and romantic lighting set the mood straight away before the diners even get through the front door.

We were blessed with one of the best tables in the house , overlooking the busy kitchen. There`s bar seating available for those that want prime views of the action but personally Chefs tables aren’t for me. When I go for a meal I still like the romance of a table for 2 and don`t really want to be tied down pretending to look interested and watching a team of Chefs sweating over my food.

The Menu we chose was Suhrings 12 course Tasting menu , a bit of a journey through the lifetime of the twin Chefs. A bit of Modern `up to date` German cuisine , a few traditional dishes and a couple of childhood favourites reborn. The price was pretty reasonable at 2900 Baht ( £65/ $87 / 73 Euro) with Supplements of 490 Baht ( £11 / $15 / 12.5 Euro) per 5g of Oscietra Caviar , Winter Truffle at 120 Baht ( £2.70 / $3.60 / 3 Euro) per Gram and Japanese A5 Nozaki Beef Sirloin at 1090 Baht (£24 / $32.70 / 28 Euro)

Wine pairings were available at 1900 (£42.50/£57 / 48 Euro) for 4 or 2600 (£58/$78/ 66 Euro) for 6 glasses of Wine (which isn`t too bad for wine in Thailand)   

  Sturgeon Cornet

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandTruffle parcelsrestaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandEisbein sulze ( cured and pickled Ham hock  , cream of Saukraut)restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandToast Hawaiirestaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand“Curry 36” – Berlin Street food with Berlin Beer.

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandrestaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

Veal & Nordseekrabben ( North Sea Crab ) / “Frankfurter Grune Sobe” ( Green Sauce )

suhring thailand                                                                                        Rustic Sourdough Breads baked over open fire /  spreads and cold cuts. (Black forest ham)restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandPink River Trout , Parsley , Lemon , Potato , Brown Butter , Oscietra suhring , bangkok , thailand

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandSpatzle  – Soft Egg Noodle , Hand cut , Crispy Onion , Black winter suhring , bangkok , thailand Wagyu short Rib of Beef marinated then braised , “Semmelknodel” (German Bread Dumplings) , root suhring , bangkok , thailandButtermilk , Gin & Tonicrestaurant suhring , bangkok , thailandBlackberry , Dark Beer , suhring , bangkok , thailandrestaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

 German suhring , bangkok , thailandEierlikoer ( German Egg Liquor)restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand

4 glasses of Wine –  1900 ( £44 / $57 )

      restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand                restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand                  restaurant suhring , bangkok , thailand        To view the full set of photos then please just CLICK HERE

Meal over and our final bill came to 13,000 Baht (£291 / $390 / 330 Euros ) for the pair of us. I can`t help but think of the amazing food I could have eaten for a tenth of the price in the city. You can get an awful lot of food in Thailand for what we paid for our dinner and when you consider that the average traveller survives on 200b (£4 / $6 / 5 Euros) a day then that’s 65 days worth of food consumed on our first night. Chances are that I won`t return to eat at Suhring but the experience was pleasant enough. From now on it`s Thai food all the way.

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