Mizu – Pan Asian food in the Lakes.

What is it ?-  A stunning £10 million Asian Restaurant and Spa extension to the existing Lodore falls hotel.

Where is it ? – Borrowdale valley , near Keswick , right in the heart of the English Lake district.

Head Chef – Kasun Jayasooriya from Sri Lanka spent 10 years working in Tokyo. He hopes to return there in the future to finish his training.

Why go there ? – Anyone who`s brave enough to open a stunning Asian restaurant at this cost and effort in the middle of the countryside must deserve a visit.

Must try dish – Definitely the crispy Shrimps and I`ll guarantee that you`ll want more…..and more.

Average Cost – On our first visit we went for Chefs recommendation and his Tasting menu at £38. Second visit we went ALC and chose a selection of reasonably priced dishes.

My thoughts – We dined there twice in 2 weeks so that says it all. After 50 or so trips to Asia we`re pretty ruthless about eating authentic Asian food. With Malaysian , Thai , Filipino , Japanese and Sri Lankan Chefs cooking at Mizu it`s pretty well close to the real thing.

For those wanting a wee nosey into the Kitchen this table is perfectly situated.

Crispy Shrimp ginger, lemon, coriander, wasabi mayonnaise

Eat the lot , head , tail , everything….just as you`re meant to. The best part is the head.

A little Salmon palate cleanser, a treat from Chef.

Chef’s Sushi & Sashimi Selection pickled ginger, wasabi

Kani Korokke , Crab Croquettes and a Yakiniku sauce £7.00

Classic Miso Soup tofu, spring onion, coriander, wakame seaweed

Beef Tataki seared beef, blue cheese, sesame seeds

Miso grilled Aubergine , Moroni Miso , Red Miso £5.00

Vegetable Tempura , Chilli , Coriander , Lime and Rice Wine Vinegar £8.00

Teriyaki Lamb Cutlets crispy leeks, fresh red chillies, fish roe, spicy mayonnaise, black garlic sauce, Thai spicy sauce, lemon mayonnaise,

Chicken in Black bean sauce with seasonal stir fried vegetables £17.00

Pork belly Raisukaree , Suckling Pig , Pineapple and Citrus Curry , Sesame seeds , Chilli and toasted Garlic , Peppers , Coriander and Noodles. £16.00


Mango and Coconut Cheesecake , Kaffir Lime leaf Meringue £7.00


Green Tea & Passion Fruit Mousse matcha sponge, puffed rice 


Mizu , Asian Mojito.

View of Cat Bells over Derwentwater.

To view the full set of photos please CLICK HERE.

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