Bo.Lan, Bangkok – As authentic as it gets.

What is it ?– A Restaurant serving authentic Thai food currently at number 37 on Asia`s top 50 Restaurants list.

Where is it ? – Bangkok city centre down a quiet soi (street). It`s really easy to get there so just take the Skytrain to Thong lor BTS station and it`s a 5 minute walk from there. Or take a Tuk Tuk (but don’t pay more than 200 Baht) .We took two motorbike Taxis for 100 Baht (£2.50 / $3) each.

Head Chef – Bo Songvisava (Asia`s best female Chef 2013) and Australian Chef Dylan Jones. “Bo” and ”Lan” = Bo.Lan ….Get it ? Both met whilst working for Chef David Thompson at “Nahm “ restaurant.

What should I expect ? – Genuine, well researched and very authentic Royal Thai recipes incorporating the best of Home Cooking and Spicy Street food. The finest Asian / Artisan produce sourced from farms and suppliers throughout Thailand.

Must try dish – The BoLan balance menu comprising of a Thai Salad , a Stir fry , a Soup , a Curry and a Spicy Relish. This menu  will demonstrate exactly what BoLan is all about.

What will it cost me ? – The best value way to try BoLan food is the set lunch (photo above). We paid 1,880 Baht per person (£45 / $59) f. The larger BoLan balance menu in the evening is 3280 Baht (£79 / $103)

My thoughts , What`s good ? – The Ambience of the traditional styled restaurant and the meticulously researched recipes by the totally dedicated owners.

Any Negatives ? Ermmmmmm……. No

Check out – The story of Bo Songvisava on Netflix “Chefs Table”

Welcome to Bo.Lan – Jasmine Rice , Roasted Coconut and Sweet baby Pineapple Palm Sugar served in the kitchen by Chef Dylan.

Yadong Ma Kratueb Rong served with local sour fruit (Herb infused Thai Whisky) and Pandan Spray

Bo.Lan Amuse Bouche


Salad of grilled Pork with a Torch Ginger flower dressing.

Chilli Relish of Prawn , simmered in Coconut Cream with local greens and fried Chicken. ( 320 per person extra £8 / $10 )

Line caught ocean Fish with 3 flavour sauce.

Red Chicken Curry with root Vegetables, Thai and Holy Basil


Smoky Hot and Sour Soup of Satun province Squid.

Fishermans Seafood Soup of aromatic Herbs and Chilli.

Jasmine Kor Khor 105 Rice from Yasothorn and Organic Gaba Rice harvested in Sri Saket.

Time for Dessert , This “Bua Loy” was a Thai Coconut Milk sweet with Sweetcorn , Banana and Sesame seeds.

To view more Photos , please just CLICK HERE

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