`Blue`- By Alain Ducasse , Bangkok

What is it ?  –  A modern Contemporary fine dining Restaurant bearing the name of the World famous superchef Alain Ducasse. The restaurant is situated inside the luxurious `Icon Siam` shopping mall with stunning views overlooking the iconic Chao Phraya river.

What`s Cooking ?  – Very much Classical French cuisine with a modern approach.

Who`s Cooking ?  Chef Wilfrid Hocquet – The man is just amazing but there again I would say that because he`s cooking exactly what I want to eat. Gimmick free dishes using luxurious ingredients cooked to perfection with superb well-honed kitchen skills. Chef Wilfrid Hocquet comes with experience from one of the world’s greatest Restaurants – The 3 Michelin starred ‘Le Louis XV by Alain Ducasse in Monaco.

What should I expect ?  A fine dining experience with food as good as you`re going to eat anywhere in the World. Fabulous Wines , perfect service and stunning views….Everything is good here.

Must Order dish  – The Chocolate dessert was one of the best i`ve ever had the pleasure to eat. I would go back to the restaurant and just have a Coffee and this dessert and be totally happy.

What will it cost me ?  5 courses for 1950 baht ($59/£43) , 6 courses for 2550 baht ($77/£57) or go A la carte. If you`re wanting the bargain of Bangkok then do the set 6 course lunch (which ends up about 10 courses). We went for the drinks package with Bottled water , 2 glasses of decent wine and Coffee/Tea for 950 baht. ($29/£21)

My thoughts –  What an amazing opportunity to experience the cuisine of Alain Ducasse without paying the huge prices you`d pay if you dined in the other 3 Michelin star restaurants of Chefs empire. I counted up 10 courses for my lunch for the amazing price of 2550 Baht. ($77/£57) With the highest standards of service and one of the best views in Bangkok I honestly don`t believe there`s a better fine dining bargain to be had anywhere like this in the city….I`m amazed. One course at Ducasse in Monte Carlo will set the diner back 6,500 baht ($195/£144) so just put that into perspective and go and experience for yourselves before the prices creep up when they undoubtedly move to 2 star and then quite possibly 3. The cooking really is at that level already.

What`s the Atmosphere like ? –  The Restaurant really isn`t the type of pompous fine dining place you would normally expect from establishments of this calibre elsewhere in the World. I really wasn`t too sure what it was going to be like but within minutes I was sat in the best seating in the house , looking at one of the finest views in the city and totally laid back , comfortable and ready for some awesome food and drinks.

What`s good ?  –  The service flowed like a well rehearsed show , totally flawless and professional. The front of house team was headed up by Restaurant Manager Alex Cufley from the U.K. Alex brought his knowledge and skills from his previous posts at Ducasse Paris , Hong kong , Macau and Tokyo. A lovely guy and a guarantee that the diner will be well cared for.

What`s even better  ? – It`s a Vegan free zone. Fantastic to enjoy a meal without any whinging Tree huggers around. Blue does not cater for Vegans although vegetarian options are available for those that like eating a protein free diet.

Any Negatives Would I return ? –  I`m dreaming about it already….my return is set in Stone for sure.

Restaurant Address  –  Unit L101, 1st Floor, ICONLUXE ICONSIAM Shopping Centre, Klongtonsai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600, Thailand  Phone – +66 2 005 9412

Website – https://www.blue-alainducasse.com/

Lunch Menu

Palate refresher –  An intensely flavoured Passion fruit drink started the lunch experience off perfectly. A concentrated hit of Passionfruit , Pineapple and Ginger infused with fresh Mint leaves.

Mimolette Gougeres.

Carrot Crudité with Parsley jelly.

Whelk , Tarragon and Garlic.

Parmesan Grissini with Tuna.

House smoked Salmon , Lemon and Gold Caviar.

Freshly baked Bread selection

Gillardeau Oyster , fresh grape , Muscadet sur lie Granite , Fennel Pollen.

Marinated Hamachi (Japanese Amberjack fish) , cucumber & green apple

Black Truffle and Ricotta Gnocchi  , Jerusalem artichokes

Freshly Shaved Black Truffle , generous use of luxury ingredients.

Steamed Madara (Japanese Pacific Codfish) , Cauliflower and Hazelnut.

Stuffed saddle of Lamb with Carrot and Coriander with a well made sauce from the goodness of the Lamb bones.

Pre Dessert – Passion fruit , Thai Basil and Olive oil ice cream..

Here comes the Sweet treats – Lots of them all at once. My good Lady isn`t really into sweet delights so you can only imagine the smile on my face when i knew i would have to eat everything in sight.

Honey Composition – Almond Financier Biscuit with Mikan (Japanese Citrus fruit) /  Tangerine coated in a Cocoa Butter. Topped with soft Chamomile Meringue , crunchy Meringue and sprinkled with aromatic Pollen.

Chocolate from our manufacturer in Paris – Dark Chocolate Creme 75% and Fleur de Sel. Milk Chocolate Creme 45% and Tonka Bean , Chocolate and Rose Peppercorn Sorbet. Crispy Tuilles. Cocoa nib sauce.

Chocolate coated Madeline , Tonka Bean Ice Cream.

Petits fours with Tea and Coffee

A look behind the scenes. I would never have expected a kitchen of this size and standard inside a shopping mall.

Every store in the Icon Siam centre was hand picked and Oozed luxury….The best of the best. The Restaurant is just at the top of the escalator which we discovered after 20 minutes of searching.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Bangkok city was just over the river from Ducasse restaurant. The Lebua hotel, a Bangkok legend from the Hollywood movie “The Hangover”. A Cocktail on the roof deck is definitely on everyones tick list when they visit.

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