Restaurant MCR – Aiden Byrne.

What is it – Restaurant MCR (previously Manchester House) – a busy , modern city centre restaurant .
Where is it ? – Spinningfields , Manchester city centre.
Head Chef – Aiden Byrne (Ex head Chef of the Dorchester , Tom Aikens , Roscoff , Church Green , Hillbark , Adlards)

What should I expect ? Prime ingredients cooked really well by an amazing Chef and team. Friendly staff , great service with lots of customer interaction , good music and great Wines.
Must try dish – Have a look at the menus for the Foie Gras and Cherries. It`s one of Chefs special recipes….and it` s stunning.
What will it cost me ? We chose the 6 course (plus a couple of extras) set menu which was fantastic value at £45. Chefs 12 course menu in the evening will cost £90
What`s good ? – Back to basics proper Cooking. A breath of fresh air for us to sit and eat fantastic food cooked by an amazing chef without a single hint of Foam , Leaves , Ants , Bee Larvae Butter , Ducks Brains or any other totally ridiculous ingredient currently trending on the Scandanavian food scene.
Any Negatives ? – None
My thoughts – When can I go back ?

Crisp Chicken Skin , Crab , Sorrel and Gold rush Apple Juice.

Mushroom, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked Mayonnaise

Morel Mushrooms with a filling of Frogs leg Mousse , Frogs legs, Garlic, Parsley and butter head Lettuce

Sourdough with Roasted Chicken Butter / Loveage Butter

Ribblesdale Goats Cheese Flan , Jabugo Ham , scorched Leek and Onion.

Marinated Venison , Truffle , Smoked Cauliflower , Caramelised White Chocolate , Pickled Blackcurrants , Blackcurrant Puree.

Braised beef cheek, Hollendaise ,  Choucroute Secreto (The Secret cut of Iberican Pork) and Txogitxu Tartare (15 year old Cow / Beef).

Salt aged Duck breast, grilled Blackberries and Beetroot

Chocolate Brownie , Orange and Spiced Raisins.

Manchester tart and coffee



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