Poulet en Vessie – Ritz style

Where can I experience this ? – The World famous London Ritz hotel.

Who will be Cooking ? – Executive Chef John Williams oversees the team – Premier Sous Chef Spencer Metzger , Deepak Mallya and Pastry Chef Lewis Wilson.

What should I expect ? – Classical and traditional cuisine prepared and served at the table – Arts de la Table.

My thoughts – The whole sense of occasion rotated around the glamour of fine dining and Gastronomy. The arrival of the Chicken by the Restaurant Manager accompanied by the Executive Chef John was magical. Diners turned in their seats and wondered what was taking place. Carving and presentation flowed smoothly and we were then left alone to enjoy the moment. As for the taste , to be totally honest I expected the Chicken to carry a more robust flavour considering that It was bathing in aromatics and Black Truffle. However the dish as a whole was very subtle allowing the natural flavours to shine. The Chicken breast was extremely tender , Buttery and melt in the mouth. The sauce supreme being subtly flavoured didn`t dominate in the slightest. Basmati Rice was served on the side and that was just superb. The Rice was scented throughout with minced Black Truffle and Foie gras.

The second serving was the Thigh of the Bird came with more of the supreme sauce , minced black truffle and a little Mushroom puree. It would have been nice to have seen a little change to this dish as by this time the main course was taking it toll on the stomach and eating it all was pretty difficult being so luxuriant.

What will this cost me ? – The Arts de la Table are special gastronomic dishes performed by the Ritz team.There`s the pressed Duck and the Beef Wellington which are part of the seasonal menus. However the Poulet en Vessie is a pre-order speciality dish which needs organised in advance with the Ritz Restaurant PR reservations team. If you order this dish in Paris (Hotel Le Bristol) then you`d be paying £320 ($400) for it. The price at the Ritz was £175 ($220) for the two of us and that was the main course served seperately in two servings. Yes its expensive but there`s an old saying – “You`re a long time Dead”.

Wine selection – Available by the Glass for something simple or spectacular to accompany the speciality dishes.

What was good ? – The sense and excitement of that very special occasion. Being welcomed to the Ritz by lovely friendly people and made to feel like part of their family. Wallowing in the Luxury and grandeur of the best restaurant in town.

Any Negatives ? – That mandatory jacket and tie get a bit uncomfortable towards the end of a 5 hour lunch.

Check out – The Kitchens – Try asking for a little look at what goes on behind the scenes. If time allows then you`ll get a little tour downstairs.

Would I return ? – Yes, absolutely – every time I’m in London

Restaurant Address – 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London W1J 9BR Phone – 020 7493 8181


The Chicken arrives from the kitchen to the table and is presented steamed in the Bladder.Giuseppe smiles in the background knowing what lies ahead.

It doesnt look the most appetising dish ive eaten but i know what delights lay inside.

The Ritz Restaurant manager Luigi reveals the prize ,

Voila…Look at those Black Truffles.

Enter Mr John Williams M.B.E , The Ritz executive Chef. Got to ensure this one is in good hands.

No pressure Luigi , all eyes are on the show here.

Deep concentration.

The Breasts are plated up and accompanied with new season White Asparagus, Wild Morel Mushrooms and the delicate sauce supreme.

The little tender nugget of Chicken is removed and plated. Many say that this is the best part of the Bird.

The second serving arrives , it`s the Chicken Thigh with more of the Sauce Supreme and minced Black Truffle.A little quenelle of Mushroom puree and black truffle sit on the side.

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