Lerdtip , Bangkok with `Iron Chef` Gigg.

What is it ? – Lerdtip , The flagship Restaurant of Celebrity “Iron Chef of Thailand” Chef Gigg Kamol. The Restaurant has a Michelin star and has 2 branches in Bangkok.
Where is it ? – Lat Phrao , The journey from our hotel in Nana Soi 4 was a nightmare and we managed to hit a busy period around the back streets of Bangkok which ended up as a 1.5 hour Taxi ride (500 Baht / $15 /£12)
Who`s Cooking ? – Chef Gigg leads the team. He`ll be doing his tour around the tables saying hello to the guests but when you see a wall of flames from the kitchen then you know he`s doing the cooking.
What should I expect ? – BIG Flavours, Chef Gigg`s food is a very rich combination of Thai / Chinese with a few special touches thrown in.
Must Order dishes – We ordered 3 specials and an appetiser which was too much food for 2 people but we managed to plough through it. The Yellow Crab curry was really good but the 2 small Crabs were very picky to eat , especially covered in the Yellow Curry sauce. The Yellow Curry was the best i`ve ever tasted but really wasn`t worth the 1800 baht ($57 / £45). Spaghetti Red curry is also a must order dish and my favourite choice of the meal. It was accompanied by a huge River Prawn , Split in half and grilled , complete with delicious head Butter. Hard to justify the 1200 baht (£38 / £30) price tag for one big Prawn and a portion of Spaghetti but I would probably pay it again. The third choice was the sizzling Wagyu Beef with spicy fried Rice and soft fried Egg, very rich and full of flavour (1500 baht / $48 / £38)
What will it cost me ? – You can eat cheaply (A stir fry will cost you 200 Baht ($6 / £5) same as anywhere else in Bangkok…. OR….You can and have a little treat and go for the specials
My thoughts – We were advised to go to the restaurant where Chef Gigg would be working which is in the Lat Phrao district of the city
What`s good ? – Ask to go and watch Chef cooking , it`s crazy quick and very spectacular.
Any Negatives ? – The Journey to get there is off the Skytrain route so Taxi or TukTuk is the only sensible option.
Would I return ? – The service was very friendly , very professional and faultless. Customer relations were very personal and we were made to feel very welcome and special. Lerdtip is definitely a restaurant we would visit again , no doubt about it. Great food , Great team and an awesome Chef. Specials are a bit overpriced and the Crab is very expensive , 3200 baht ($102/£80) for a Large specimen is unheard of in any restaurant i`ve ever visited.
Restaurant Address – Head to the restaurant where Chef Gigg spends most of the time – Lerdtip Wanghin, Lad Prao Wanghin Road , Bangkok. TEL +66 2 570 5261

Roast Pork with Nam Jim ( Thai Green / Lime, Sour dressing )

Giant River Prawn , Spaghetti Red Curry.

Crab Yellow Curry….As good as Yellow Curry ever gets.

Sizzling Wagyu Beef , Spicy fried Rice , Soft fried Egg.

Stir fried greens with Garlic.

Chef Gigg , always the joker and a master of the Wok.
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