The Ritz


What is it ? – A landmark London hotel offering the greatest and the grandest dining experience in the land. (You`ll probably gather from that statement that it`s my favourite place to eat in the United Kingdom)
Who`s Cooking ? – Executive Chef John Williams and his right hand team – Premier Sous Chef Spencer Metzger and the superb head Pastry Chef Lewis Wilson.
What should I expect ? Classic fine dining , Old school traditions , and a dining out experience just like it was in the good old days.
Must Order dish – The food is all good here but if you have something special in mind then it`s available on request a little bit in advance. ( e.g. – Poulet en Vessie / Canard a la presse)
What will it cost me ? – ALC starters – £27 to £35, Mains – £46 to £56 , Desserts – £17 to 19 or Chefs signature dishes of the season at £125 for 6 courses with canapes. Sunday lunch £69 for 3 courses.
My thoughts
What`s good ? – Everything , there`s nothing I don’t like at the Ritz…. A truly magical place. Old school dressing for Dinner with no exceptions. Jackets and Ties for the Gents and no Denimn allowed in the Restaurant.
Any Negatives ? – None
Check out – The Kitchens , ask for a little look at behind the scenes.
Would I return ? – Yes , religiously every time I’m in London
Restaurant Address – 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London     Phone – W1J 9BR 020 7493 8181

Sunday Lunch begins – Here`s Chefs seasonal menu £125

Ragstone Cheese Mousse on a delicate Sable Biscuit with Basil.

A Ritz classic canape – Coronation Chicken inside a sweet Tuile cylinder.

Can`t recall what this one was sorry.

Beef Tartare , Brik Pastry cylinder.

Scottish isles Scallop , Datterini Tomato extraction / consomme , Fennel and Cucumber.

Ballotine of Goose Foie Gras – My ultimate treat served with White Peach , peach puree , Hazelnuts and wood sorrel.

Top quality huge sized Scottish Langoustines don`t come any bigger than this , presented at the table.

Gently cooked and served with a Herb Nage and a selection of fresh garden produce. This dish has been on the menu for over 30 years in its various forms.

Fillet of Poached Turbot and Lobster Claw……about to be elevated to the top shelf of greatness.

Chef Spencer bathes the dish in sauce Americaine ( made from the roasted Lobster shells and Brandy) and a creamy white wine Mussel sauce. Accompanied with a silky Cauliflower puree and Chanterelle Mushrooms . This was todays stand out dish.


Grouse presented to us at the table.

Grouse  , Ceps , Jerusalem Artichoke Fondant and Puree , Pickled Blackberries and a sauce made from the goodness of the Grouse.

And now it`s over to Pastry Chef Lewis and he begins with a little pre dessert. A woodruff pastry cream inside a very delicate sugar cylinder. This was filled and topped with Almond brittle tuiles and Vanilla poached Mirabelle Plums.

I`ve visited the Ritz many times and this is the first time I`ve had the Crepes Suzette. (£36 for 2 persons)


Compressed Apple , Meringue and Marigold , Lewis trying his new dessert out on us….. Beautiful.

Just when we thought it was all over….. out comes this stunning masterpiece of Patisserie. A perfect example of why i think Lewis Wilson is one of the best Pastry Chefs in the UK.

Salted Peanut Parfait , Caramel and Dulcey (Caramel / Blonde Chocolate) – This is Chefs quirky take on a Snickers bar. For those who love Caramac as much as i do it`s a dream dessert….Bring on seconds please.

Here`s a little look inside and as my good wife would say…. “Just eat the Bloody food” . Stunning Pastry work.


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