Forest Side – Michelin dining in Grasmere.

What is it ? – One of the finest country house hotels in the North of England. Luxurious 20 room accommodation with food of the highest standards in the UK.

What`s Cooking ? –  Well sourced ingredients from throughout the UK with strength from the Cumbria region.

Who`s Cooking ? –
 Chef Paul Leonard previously of The Devonshire arms , Marcus Wareing and Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles leads the Forest side team….Amazing Chef and a really lovely guy. Try and catch him for a chat.

What should I expect ? –  You`ll enjoy a unique experience in this wonderful Lake district escape. Great food with the finest of local (where possible) ingredients cooked by a very talented team. Warm and welcoming staff and stunning lakeland scenery right outside the front door. Best get those walking boots packed.

Must Order dish –
The glazed Lamb belly is superb

What will it cost me ? – 
You can simply go for lunch and if you check on the forest side website they normally have a £10 off lunch offer on for £35 (normally £45). The larger Menus are more expensive. An overnight stay with a superb Breakfast will cost from approximately £299 per night but once again , check for offers.

My thoughts –  
If you love gardening then you must make time for a Garden tour. Forest side has a team that rotates between foraging locally for the restaurant menu and maintaining the kitchen and hotel gardens.

What`s the Atmosphere like ? –  
It`s relaxing with no rush to do anything in a hurry. Chill out in the lounges with a unique Forest side Cocktail before enjoying the restaurant experience.

What`s good ? –  
The Bread and various flavoured Butters are always knockout. On my last visit I enjoyed Roasted Pumpkin seed Butter which was the best i`ve tasted anywhere …Ever.

Any Negatives ?  If i`m totally honest I really can`t think of anything negative so say about Forest side. It`s expensive but it`s a huge treat. If you cant afford to pay those prices then simply go and do lunch and it certainly won`t break the bank.

Would I return ? –  Absolutely , I`ve been going to Forest side since the day it opened.

Restaurant Address – 
The Forest side Hotel , Grasmere , Cumbria.  Phone – 015395 68237


Straight into the snacks.

Onion , cured pork fat and Killeen

Egg filled with caramelised Whey custard and roasted Celeriac served with these amazing little breadsticks.
Forest side Bread with Roasted Pumpkin seed Butter….Stunning


Beef Tartare – Raw Dexter and Caviar.

Roasted Turbot , Mussels and Whey

Venison , Pear and Salsify.

Rhubarb , Nasturtium oil jam , shortbread crumble and sour cream.

Celery , Apple , Walnut and sweet cheese – Waldorf reinvented.

Chocolate , Sea Buckthorn and creme fraiche.

The photos below are from a second visit for Sunday Lunch.

Pre lunch nibbles in the lounge.

Salmon / Caviar

Little skewers of BBQ glazed Herdwick Lamb Belly – Glazed with fermented Garlic.
For lovers of Cheese, another little pre lunch bite

Warm Custard of Baron Bigod , roasted Chicken sauce , Squash and truffle.

Beef Tartare – Raw Dexter and Artichoke.

Lobster , Kohlrabi , Pine , and a wonderful sauce made from the roasted Lobster heads.
Mushroom Tortellini – Veal Sweetbreads and Truffle.

Salad course with crispy Pigs Head

Salad course from Forest side gardens


Roast Beef Sunday lunch – Forest side style.
Beef Plated

Red Grape , Pecan and Goats milk frozen dessert.

Chocolate Aero , Yeast parfait , toasted rice sorbet and Malt custard

Keswick en route to Grasmere.

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  1. michael troup says:

    My partner and I have had some amazing meals there, including one, shortly after they had opened, when we were the only people in the restaurant, and the setting is excellent – but the last meal we had was tarnished by excessive salt in many courses. We let them know, and they kindly offered us a free meal, but then Covid came along …..


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