Ekstedt , Sweden – Food from the fire

What is it ?  –  A very unique Michelin starred Restaurant in Stockholm , Sweden where the guest can experience their full meal cooked over Scandanavian Wood and Fire.

What`s Cooking ?  Modern Nordic Food with flavours of Smoke – Seafood , Game and foraged ingredients with a few luxuries thrown in for good measure.

Who`s Cooking ? –  Swedish Chef Niklas Ekstedt

What should I expect ?   A totally different dining experience. Everything here is cooked over fire. There`s no Electric , no Gas , only burning Birch Wood , Flames and Red hot Charcoal….. Amazing

Must Order dish –  There is only the one choice for me and that`s to order the Tasting menu ( 6 courses with extras here and there). A smaller menu is also available.

What will it cost me ? –  6 Courses  – 1260 kr (£100 / $132) 4 Courses –  980 kr (£78 / $102) , Wine pairing – 1090 kr (£87 / $114)

My thoughts – I went to the 3 Michelin starred Frantzen the following evening and I have to admit that I enjoyed Ekstedt more.

What`s the Atmosphere like ? – Busy , Buzzy , relaxed with everyone enjoying themselves.

What`s good ?  – I absolutely loved the place. For me it was something to get excited about and a totally new restaurant concept. Smoke is my favourite flavour so to have a full Tasting menu with dominant smoke flavours was heaven. To be totally honest i`ve thought about this meal every day since , it truly inspired me to go back home and actually play with fire myself. I also ordered Ekstedt`s cook book (Food from the Fire) when I returned to my hotel after dinner. YES ,  i`m very impressed with this restaurant.

Any Negatives ? We sat at Chefs kitchen counter and unfortunately had to rush the end of our meal to make our seats available for the next diners arriving. (Actually we were taken over the road to Niklas`s bar to partake in more Wine so no problems here)

Check out – The Kitchen – Ask for a look behind the scenes. It`s so hot and it`s really smoky but it`s very interesting to see how the team can deliver Michelin quality food using primitive cooking methods

Would I return ? –  Absolutely , hopefully very soon.

Restaurant Address – Humlegårdsgatan 17, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden   Phone – +46 8 611 12 10  Website – https://ekstedt.nu/

 One could go as far to say that the cooking methods are ever so slightly Primitive here….. in a good way

Crispy little Smoked Vendace Roe bites , smouldering Rosemary.

Squid cooked directly on the Embers.

Langoustine , Caviar


Beef , Truffle , Reindeer Lichen.

A quick look behind the scenes between courses. The heat was intense during our quick few minutes in the Kitchen so I can`t imagine how bad it would be for the Chefs to spend the full dinner service in front of the Flames…… El Scorchio.

This cooking method originates from the Basque country and it`s called “Flambadou”. Basically the Iron cone is heated until Red hot inside the Fire. A piece of Beef or Pork fat is dropped inside the cone which instantly ignites and begins to burn in spectacular style. The hot Fat drips out of the Flambadou and over the food , in this instance it was Oysters for our next course.

Flamed Oyster , Nasturtium , Apple and Shallot dressing.

Chef prepares the next course – Birch Fired Celeriac , Lobster and Rowan Berries.

This next course was my favourite of the evening – Charcoal Cream , Cabbage and crispy Salad. A simple enough plate of food but a perfect combination of textures and flavours.

A cured Confit of Egg Yolk being grated over the dish.

Finished off with Charcoal Cream (Burning coals infused into fresh Soured Cream)

Bread & Butter with Burnt Hay.

Ember Baked Scallop , Chanterelles and Sugar Kelp.

Preparation of the fish course – Juniper Smoked Turbot , Leeks and Tuscan Kale.

Chef Niklas , always present during service does the Q&A with restaurant customers.

Preparation of our next course – Cold Smoked Reindeer saddle , Salsify , Quince and pickled Pine Needles.

The Reindeer Blood pudding  (on the left) was stunning


Wood-Fired Oven roasted Oats , Blueberries and Blackcurrant Leaves.

And now we have the preparation of an optional extra course  –  Kvarnhagen Cheese , Gotland Truffles and Caramelized Shallots costing 160 kr as an extra (£13 / $16). The Truffles only had a subtle aroma but were enough to elevate the dish to a higher level. I can only imagine the delights that Alba or Périgord Truffles would bring to this.

A bonus course of these heavenly sweet treats finished off our superb dinner at Ekstedt

On the left – Cheese Sorbet and Grilled Apple.  Right – Gingerbread Saffron Cream , Fermented Ligonberry .

Ember baked Potato with Cloudberry Jam and Vanilla Cream

Ember baked Potato with Cloudberry Jam and Vanilla Cream // Gingerbread Saffron Cream , Fermented Ligonberry // Cheese Sorbet and Grilled Apple.

To view the Photos of the full meal – PLEASE CLICK HERE

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