Pied a Terre – London UK

What is it ?  – One of London`s most established and longest running Michelin starred Restaurants which has now held a Michelin star for over 30 consecutive years.

What`s Cooking ?  – Modern French cuisine with Greek influences.

Who`s Cooking ?  Athens born Asimakis Chaniotis – A young (32) , happy ,very guest friendly and extremely talented Executive Chef.

What should I expect ?  Very much a fine dining experience but it comes with a lovely Greek twist. The food here is both unique and exciting , it`s as good as you`re going to eat anywhere in London. The service is friendly and they made me feel extremely welcome as I was dining alone.

Must Order dish  –  The dish that didn`t really appeal to me on paper turned out as the best course of the evening. It just goes to show how different things can be from the menu to the plate. “Ionian Sea” was exciting , unusual , visually beautiful and totally knockout in flavour….a good plate of food that I’d be very happy to eat in a 3 star restaurant.

What will it cost me ?  8 course Tasting menu (Dinner) = £105 . 10 course Tasting menu (Dinner)= £140. 3 courses ( starter , main , dessert ) = £113. Wine flights are £75 ( 5 wines) and £95 ( 7 wines). I decided to go for the 10 course menu and order my drinks separately.  An English garden Mocktail = £10.50 , 1 x Glass of Riesling =  £25.00 (a bit naughty after I explained that I’m not into Wine and could I `just have a simple glass of White` ?). 1 x Red = £15.00 and a glass of Dessert wine = £12.00

My thoughts –  Up there with the best meals I’ve eaten in the last few years.

What`s the Atmosphere like ? –  It`s a busy little place and has been running for so long that everyone knows exactly what they`re doing. The meal flows well with just enough time between courses. I was dining alone and didn`t feel out of place sat on my own.

What`s good ?  –  Ciara (front of house) and David (the owner) are well established , amazing personalities and have the art of hospitality polished off to perfection.

Any Negatives Would I return ? –  It`s already booked.

Restaurant Address  –  34 Charlotte street , Fitzrovia , London , W1T 2NH.  Phone – Call Ciara on 020 7636 1178

Website – https://www.pied-a-terre.co.uk

So on to the food. I started with Chefs Canape selection beginning with Egg Kayianna

Greek Gougere with Taramasalata and Bottarga.

Breakfast Radish

Summer Tomato salad , Marjoram , Tomato sorbet , Red Sicilian Prawn. This was just pure flavours on a plate.

This dish needs to be a permanent fixture on the menu – “Ionian Sea” – Marinated Sardines , Octopus , Pickled Mustard seeds , Bronze Fennel , Ouzo gel , Char Roe , Marine Phytoplankton….Stunning in every way. (Check out that marine turqoise Blue seawater / Curacao jelly , it looked and tasted fantastic )

Grilled Foie Gras , British Peas , Nectarines , Mint , Preserved Pinecone , Wild rice. A few different flavours paired up here but they were very complimentary all worked well together.

2nd Photo just so you can see the very generous portion of Foie Gras.

4-5 Kg Poached Turbot , Sesame and Poppyseed crust , Star Anise , Home made Tandoori spices , Sandy Dunkirk Carrots.

Hogget a la Grecque et la Francaise , Hogget Belly , Tartare , Cutlet , Tzatziki , Morels , Foie gras sauce , Datterini Tomato , Feta.

Feuille de Brik , Cashel Blue , Celery , Greek Apricot Jam , Cornish leaf salad.

Chargrilled French Apricot , Cantaloupe Melon and Olive oil sorbet.

Greek Yoghurt Parfait , Honey ice cream , Acacia and Lemon , British Heather Honeycomb. How beautiful is that dessert ? Stunning detail in the Black lace Bee.

Canelé de Bordeaux , Hazelnut Praline and Tangerine cup , Olive oil and Vanilla Macaron.

Food , Wine , Service and Water brought in a total bill of £232 for 1…..Cheers.

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