Good value Sunday lunch at Miller Howe in Windermere.

Sunday morning i was bored and wondering what i could do in the Lakes.As far as decent choices go then i think i made a fairly good one here.One hours drive and i`m at Miller Howe country house hotel on the fringes of Windermere, a great excuse for a trip into Cumbrias Lake district.They`re everywhere up here , country house hotels around every corner and all knocking up great comforting food just like what we had below.Best thing though is the price – 5 courses for £25 on their website as a “diamond deal”.I think its normally £27/28 and wow….they`re feeders….after all its up North isnt it ? So for the £25 , here`s what you`ll get. A little amuse bouche , a choice of starters , mains and puds ( about 4/5 choices on each course ) and tea/coffee in the lounge…with home made sweet treats….and the view is to die for….have a look at this from the lounge window –

One thing ill also point out is there`s a tasting menu on in the evening as well as the alc.The tasting menu is £55 and i was very  happy to see my £25 lunch choices actually on the alc…No complaints there. Good home baked bread , smiling faces and great service.If anyone`s up in the lakes or simply passing by then calling in here is definitely a good idea.By the way, the Chef done a stint with Raymond Blanc at Le manoir so good pedigree in the kitchens…..and absolutely no sign of John Tovey.

We started with a simple well made cream of vegetable soup.Nothing ground breaking just well made, creamy and as much bread as we needed.

Starter was a generous slice of Ham hock terrine with vegetables in Piccalilly style.

Another starter was a rather large slab of caramelised Foie gras with Gingerbread , Onion tart and sweet red onion.

Good ole Roast beef….and lots of it.Served up with Yorkshire pud , Roasted potatoes and a huge pan of prefectly cooked vegetables.Red wine jus and a stomach full to bursting point.

My main course was the roasted breast of local ducking , duck jus , beetroot and root veg puree , cabbage , potatoes and another very comforting and well cooked dish.


Sunlight into camera still didnt spoil this very sticky n Ooozy traditional Lake district toffee pudding , caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream…always a fave up here.

My dessert was a tad more refined…Caramelised bananas ,parfait ,  caramel sauce , passion fruit sorbet , cherry sauce , angelica , all things sweet and very Aaaaaaahhhhh.I love my desserts more than anything and this one hit the mark for me.x

Miller Howe from the front entrance.

A little walk around the gardens after lunch revealed a wee treasure trove of wild and very edible ingredients.I cant believe chef hasnt bagged the lot up and got them on the menu….Cmon chef , there`s bags of goodness in those grounds. Hedge Garlic / Mustard in full flower and the Ramsons perfuming the air all over the woodland paths.

A set of Miller Howe photos are here on my flickr page.Please CLICK HERE.

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