SoLITA – The place to be seen in Manchester.

SoLITA  ( south of little Italy ) opened its doors to the public this week in Manchesters Northern quarter.The creation made by a pair of nutty brothers Dom and Franco Sotgiu they came up with the most amazing and very comforting menu teamed up with one hell of a  bar and cocktail list. It was my job to sample some of these delights and snap a few photos….little did i realise it would all end in a crazy night in which i was stuffed to bursting and extremely drunk from the awesome food and beverages…..ill blame Franco for feeding me almost every cocktail on the list……. mid afternoon.

Here`s a few delicious tasters off the menu starting with Olives n Things.

Deep fried Chicken Skin….. Rooster Scratchings.

Pulled Pork sundae with 60/40 mash….That`s the ratio of Potato to Butter by the way , 60 percent mashed potato and 40 percent Butter….heart attack and a coronary intensive care unit please…..but very very WOW , my fave dish.

Marinara Chicken melted pecorino cheese baked in the oven en cocotte.

Uovo Pomodoro – A marriage between the Tomato and the Egg.

Fantastic Sourdough , baked fresh every day and delived from a local Artisan baker.

Mac n Cheese with pulled Pork…melting Macaroni  cheese inside the breaded exterior.

This is what it`s all about here…The Inka grill , high heat , Natural charcoal and superb flavour. Here , the “Jacobs ladder ” ribs get finished off over high heat having spent 48 hours cooking slowly `sous vide` in a temperature controlled water bath.

Jacobs ladder… it`s presented off the grill.

And professionally carved for the diner.

SoLITA burgers made with top quality beef and served in a sweet soft Brioche bun….with triple cooked chips of course.

Deep fried Coke

     SoLITA sundae , Cabrelli’s family recipe vanilla ice cream….with sweet Bacon.

A selection of the awesome cocktails available at SoLITA….and yes, we finished them all……and yes , we were ever so slightly wasted.

                          A set of photos from my lunch can be found HERE

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  1. karohemd says:

    I’m impressed the later photos were still in focus. 😉

  2. Paddy Roche says:

    I read this blog the other week then yesterday had lunch a SoLITA. Fantastic place the food was amazing. The pulled pork dish was certainly a favourite. Thanks for the pointer

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