The Langdale hotel , Cumbria, another undiscovered secret hideaway.

In all of my years living in the English Lakes i found it really strange that i`d never actually been to the Langdale valley before. I`d been to places nearby but never ventured the 10 minutes from the main road and seen one of Englands most beautiful sights.
The Langdale valley sits just over the hill from Grasmere and Ambleside , it`s basically tucked away with only a couple of `one car` sized roads laid out to get you there.Very popular with the tourists also , it was a beautiful summers day and they were out in their masses walking down the middle of these roads ( as they do ) so anyone going there ….Beware.
As i was saying , a 10 minute drive past Grasmere ( it`s a `mere` , not a lake ) , through the woods and up through very winding roads and  then round a corner and it was just like driving through a time tunnel and into a secret world…….wow wow wow….The scenery just hit me smack in the face. I actually pulled over and stopped the car to take it all in , it was quite a moving moment if i`m honest , a stunning panorama of greenery , forests , fells and little white cottages  , it really couldn`t fail to impress , i has a lump in my throat…stunning natural beauty. I didn`t  hang around for long as i was pretty hungry and a little feast awaited at Purdeys restaurant inside the Langdale hotel. The hotel is situated in many acres of land ,all beautifully landscaped with ponds , water wheels and buildings constructed out of Honister slate. Buzzards soared overhead and the air was filled with birdsong , what an amazing and very romantic escape this place is. Anyone wanting to sneak away for the weekend then just head to the Langdale hotel , you really won`t be disappointed. There was a wedding all set up as i headed into the restaurant , and last minute arrangements were going on all around me , the cake was being constructed  very carefully and the stunning tables all laid out  with amazing precision.My table was right  there by the window overlooking the waterwheel , I sat down with a smile and awaited my little treats.

Whisky cured Scottish salmon, horseradish,herb salad …. £7.95

Seared scallops, cauliflower purée,pancetta crisps …. £11.95

Iberico 3 years grand reserve ham, figchutney, homemade bread …. £14.50

Twice baked cheese soufflé, cherry tomato& celery salad, walnut dressing …. £7.50

½ a grilled Scottish lobster, smoked in its shell, herb butter sauce …. £19.50

Seared salmon fillet, peas & smoked pancetta, shellfish essence …. £13.95

        Fettuccini of wild mushrooms & asparagus,parmesan cheese …. £12.50

Roast cumbrian lamb rump, mash, pearl onions, peas & broad beans …. £18.50

Fillet steak & lobster burger, home made bun, chips, salad …. £22.00

Lemon meringue cheesecake, basil sorbet,raspberries …. £6.50

           Strawberry artic roll, compressed strawberries,ice cream & jelly …. £6.50

Warm dark chocolate fondant, Baileys ice cream …. £6.50

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  1. Langdale Jobs says:

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    Those photo’s are making me hungry!!

  2. Hungry Hoss says:

    Hoping to head to this place soon… new head chef, ex Midsummer House 🙂

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