Roti Chai – Indian Street food in London.



Well folks , after that last photographic disaster on my 7 Park Place dinner ( see my last post ) I think you`ll agree that a quick visit to `Doctor` Paul winch furness has sorted out a few of my problems. Paul runs courses every few months in and around London and takes up to 10 people on each course. My day with Paul at Roti Chai cost £120 and that included the use of the restaurant for several hours. Tuition on basic camera use and also post processing were covered during the day. We also got an absolute feast of authentic Indian street food the likes of which i`ve never experienced before. Some stunning flavours,cooking…..and really cheap prices. 



Paul changes locations for each of his food photography days and they always include lunch.You don`t have to be a geeky blogger like myself either.Some of the people on the course just came along for the days enjoyment and snapped away with a pocked sized compact.

I made a promise during the course and that was to keep hold of my Nikon D800 for a few more months , to use it “only” in Manual and to persevere with it.On the morning of the course i was ready to send it off to Ebay but i`ll stick with it a little longer and see how it all goes….I`m more than happy with these results and it was a fantastic day with lovely people…money very well spent. DSC_5768 DSC_5772   DSC_5784 DSC_5792  DSC_5804 DSC_5806 DSC_5824 DSC_5826  DSC_5841   DSC_5855  DSC_5868 DSC_5873 DSC_5880 DSC_5882  DSC_5889 DSC_5891 DSC_5893  DSC_5902 DSC_5905 DSC_5914 DSC_5928  DSC_5936    DSC_5968   DSC_5988     DSC_6021 DSC_6023  DSC_5757

A full set of photos can be found by clicking HERE


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