SoLITA – Manchester and a big case of “Men v Food”

P1030295It was a lads `Big night out` in Manchester .The weekend had arrived , the city was buzzing with party people and our holiday heads were firmly on. We had an early morning flight to catch from Manchester airport but that was pushed into the background in favour of some of Britains best comfort food and good old Northern hospitality. Our first stop before the alcohol started was SoLITA ( South of Little Italy ) restaurant in Manchesters Northern Quarter. Franco Sotgiu is the guy behind the food here and he was wanting me to try out one of his new burgers…. ” The Life Aquatic “. ….who am i to argue ?

Burgers at SoLITA are always part of the menu but very special burgers are constantly being invented and tested on SoLITA`s Specials Menu. ” Are you going to try ANAL tonight ? ” ….and before you go getting any ideas , Im talking Naga chilli here not the other. The “Apocalypse Now And Later” Burger had been on the menu for the last two weeks and not many people had actually managed to get through it due to the searing heat from the home made Naga Chilli sauce.Luckily Franco wanted me to try out the latest Life Aquatic `Surf and Turf` creation so that one fortunately saved my soul….and stomach lining.

SoLITA was absolutely buzzing and as soon as a table was vacated it was immediately re-occupied again. Only one reason for that , it`s simple….They`re providing the customer with exactly what they`re wanting. Amazing home made food , Northern portions and Menus filled with excitement that totally guarantees a return visit.

I have to admit , i was a little disappointed that i missed out on The ” Rossini ” burger it was one of the specials a few weeks ago…..I`m now craving it , i really am. I`ve thought about this burger every single day since i was told about it so i`ll pre order in advance next visit to Manchester. The Rossini consists of a home made Butter Brioche bun , A meat patty made from ground Beef fillet and Bone marrow , Seared Foie Gras and a Madeira sauce. I`ll take the 2 black truffles i have at home to enable me to go totally overboard. Other than that , there`s lots of choice on the SoLITA menu ,  Huge platters of Mixed grills , Baby Suckling pigs cooked on the Inka grill ,Steaks , Ribs , and no ending of delights for the diners,

SoLITA is definitely a ” Man v Food ” establishment and it hits every single mark…. They`ve smacked the success nail right bang on its head here.

Note for the record – We all struggled home to bed , Night out happily cancelled in favour of some “Belly up” sleep.

Olives and Things – The finest Sicilian Nocellara olives and Caperberries £ 3.90.


Rooster Scratchings – House fried Chicken skin pieces with SoLITA dust. £ 2.90


Deep fried Mac `n` Cheese balls £ 4.90


Pulled Pork Sundae – Long and slow cooked Pork with SoLITA house mash ( 60% potato and 40% Butter ) £ 5.90


Ribs , Wings , Rings and Things – Baby back ribs , Ancho Chilli Chicken wings , Beer battered Onion rings , Fried Cornmeal Jalapenos , Charcoal Grilled Sweetcorn £ 7.90.


The `Big Manc` Burger – 2 x 6 oz Minced chuck Steak patties , Trifecta Brioche , Iceberg , Home made pickles , Monterey jack cheese , Big Manc sauce £ 15.90



The `Life Aquatic` Burger – 6 oz Minced Steak with Bone Marrow , topped with dressed Atlanic Crab meat and deep fried jumbo Shrimp in Breadcrumbs.


The `Tribute` Burger – Melted Monterey jack Cheese , sliced pickle , Home made ketchup , Ball park Mustard , Onions £ 10.90.


Prime Rib Steak cooked on the Inka grill.


House fries with a sample of the “ANAL” ( Apocalypse Now And Later ) Naga chilli sauce…..Bloody Hot… but strangely addictive.


Cabrelli`s Vanilla ice cream with Bacon Candy £ 3.90


Inka Grill roasted Pineapple , Marinated in Havana 7 Rum with Molasses and Coconut ice cream £ 5.50


Sticky Toffee Waffle cheesecake with Creme caramel ice cream. ( daily special ).



P1030337A few more photos from SoLITA on my Flickr Account HERE.P1030292

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  1. Food Geek says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for reading my blog and especially the comments you left. I have replied to each of them.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have always enjoyed it, particularly the photos which are always stunning. I wish I had the balls to take a decent camera into a restaurant! It’s only the last year or so that I have been comfortable taking photos of food with my phone.

    Hope you have a great time at Midsummer House, it’s right near the top of my to-do list, particularly as I have family in Cambridge.

    Would be good to meet you somebody, perhaps at SoLita 🙂


    Shaun / Food Geek

    1. Hi Shaun , these days you`ll find that a decent camera will come in a size no larger than your phone. I use a Panasonic Lumix LX7 which just slips into my jacket pocket. It has a Leica lens and the quality is nothing short of amazing….focuses so close that it actually touches the food.
      Go on… know it makes sense. You cant go calling yourself a foodgeek and not backing it up with a geeky food cam ha ha.

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