DAL PESCATORE , ITALY – Use your camera if you dare.


Following on from dinner at Osteria Francescana on the Saturday evening we thought it would be a good idea to stop off for a nice traditional Italian Sunday lunch on our way back to Milan airport. Unfortunate news for our wallets however, the 3 Michelin starred Dal Pescatore Santini happened to be on our drive back up North.

The restaurant is in the middle of nowhere basically, it`s situated right in the heart of the Italian countryside in a small village called Runate (about 10 houses), Canneto sull`Oglio. Roughly equidistant between Modena and Milan. Sat Nav will literally take you to the front doorstep  so that`s easily the best way to find the place .


The restaurant  opened in 1925 and has remained in Santini family hands  for 89 years.The food at Dal Pescatore is traditional Italian family cooking so don`t come here expecting high end modern gastronomy as it`s simple country food cooked to 3 star standards.The Chefs are Nadia , Giovanni and Bruna Santini and if they are working then you can guarantee they will be out to meet you with big smiles and warm Italian welcomes. Come to Dal Pescatore if you`re wanting to experience authentic and fresh seasonal ingredients prepared and cooked with love and care. Dal Pescatore comes with a fantastic pedigree and has had it`s 3 Michelin stars since 1996. It was also voted into 48th position on the San Pellegrino list of the Worlds top 50 restaurants 2009. ( Number 90 in the 2014 guide). Nadia Santini was also awarded the best female chef in the world 2013….quite a feat.

One thing i have to mention is the “No photography” request at the restaurant. Now i really have no idea why this is, especially in this modern day and age….BUT  “No cameras allowed” is clearly stated at the booking stage. Does my Samsung Galaxy S5 actually count ? At the end of the day It`s a mobile phone.

My travelling and dining buddy for the weekend was Kevin ,finedining explorer. Kevin was actually starting to get panicky at my constant whinging  almost to the point of choosing another place to eat in.
” Now please tell me you`re not gonna try and take photos in there Alan” .- Kevin actually sounded concerned. Once i had agreed not to take my camera Kevin contacted the restaurant to confirm our booking. What Kevin didn`t know was that i had my fingers crossed at the time so my promise to him didn`t really count.
I left my little Panasonic Lumix in the car and slipped my Galaxy S5 into my pocket. Sixty photos later here`s my trip report from Dal Pescatore.
( Please note that i was in no way rebellious or obstructive , just plain sneaky. The photos as you will see are “mobile phone” quality and would have been much much better had i been allowed to use my lovely little Lumix.)

We chose to have the Menu d` Estate which was the restaurants 10 course tasting menu. The bill came to £400 inclusive of a half bottle of wine and 2 glasses of Prosecco.

       Lunch started with traditional Canapes and quality Parmigiano Reggiano.



Terrine of Tomatoes and Fresh Basil tips , Basil oil and Balsamico.

dal pescatore

Terrine of Lobster with Royal Oscietra Caviar.

dal pescatore

Tortellini of Pumpkin , Amaretti , Mostarda , Nutmeg , Cinnamon and Parmigiano Reggiano , a classic dish of the restaurant.


Risotto using the finest Vialone Nano Rice , Porcini mushrooms, Peas and Asparagus.

dal pescatore

Anguilla alla Griglia. ( Grilled Eel ) with Radicchio.



Duck breast with Aceto Balsamico and traditional Mostarda di frutta.

dal pescatore


Italian Cheese selection.


Chestnut cream with meringue and Zabaglione.

dal pescatore


Brandy snap biscuits.


Selection of Dal Pescatore Petits fours.



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  1. brincs says:

    Wow looks great. You tempt me to book a flight and book it.

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