Gaggan , Bangkok – Number 1 in Asia.

gaggan , bangkokWOW , So Gaggan pulls it off once again. An Indian restaurant sat surrounded by thousands and thousands of Thai food outlets in the huge city of Bangkok. Of course that`s just the small picture. On a larger scale Gaggan  Anand has managed to bag the top position for the second year running….The Best restaurant in the whole of Asia which when you stop to think about it that`s pretty good going.

gaggan , bangkokgaggan , bangkok

We arrived at Gaggan bang on time. It was really busy and our table hadn`t been vacated yet. It would have been nice to sit at the bar area and order cocktails but instead we were asked to wait outside for 10 minutes , with no drinks. So once we managed to get back inside and on to our table it was cocktail tasting time. We chose three of the house cocktails to try. Sugar Cane Mojito , Pretty Woman and an Indian Thandai  top marks for those. 1450 Baht for the 3. ( £29 / $41)

gaggan , bangkok

gaggan , bangkok

gaggan , bangkok

The Taste of Gaggan set menu started with “DEWDROP” –  A liquid filled spherification of Grape juice ,  Aloe Vera and  Sansho flower ( Japanese Pepper berry )

gaggan , bangkok

OK…So we all know the penalties for dodgy substance possession in Thailand. I wasn`t taking any chances incase I had been spotted so I ate the lot….plastic and all. It turns out they were Edible Plastic Spiced Nuts , wrapped up in Rice paper….panic over.

gaggan , bangkok

Yoghurt Explosion – Another spherification of Yoghurt and Cumin….This one was far to `Eggy` flavoured for my taste.

gaggan , bangkok

Chocolate Chilly Bomb – A White Chocolate sphere filled with Coriander water , Ginger , Chilli and Indian spices and topped with edible Silver.

gaggan , bangkok

Papadam and Tomato Chutney – I`m sure these were made with Tapioca.

gaggan , bangkok

Birds Nest – Eaten in one .Potato nests topped with a spiced Date chutney egg.gaggan , bangkok

Onion Pakoda – Bengali Mustard and Nori Pakoda coated in Seaweed dust.

gaggan , bangkokCharcoal – This came under a smoke filled glass dome. When the glass was lifted it revealed this. We had to guess what it was…..I still don`t know but it tasted fine.

gaggan , bangkok

Magic Mushroom – Forest Mushrooms in the shape of a log with White and Black Truffle oil, edible Mushroom soil, and sprinkled with Green Chilli powder to represent the garden. This one was my most enjoyable course…I ate it very slowly.

gaggan , bangkok

Red Matcha – This course mimics a Japanese Tea ceremony. The bowl arrives with a small salad of Tomato , Grapes and Star fruit sat in a little pool of Coriander oil. The idea was to eat this little refreshing fruit salad whilst the “Tea” was being prepared. gaggan , bangkokThe teapot contained a hot Tomato consommé which was then mixed with dried Tomato powder.The “Tea” is then poured into the bowl so that it mixes with the coriander / fruit residue.


Patrani – Herbed Marinated Fish in edible leaves with Coconut Dashi.

gaggan , bangkokI want my Curry – Country Chicken in coastal Curry with steamed Rice. This course was brought to the table in traditional Indian style…In a Tiffin. I was really ready for this course as I was so hungry at this point. I would have loved a Nan Bread to dip into the Curry but sad to say there wasn`t any.

gaggan , bangkok gaggan , bangkok

Gajar Halwa – Black Carrot ice cream , crispy Carrot flower and Cardamom oil.

gaggan , bangkok

Fall Season – Leaves and flowers from the Royal Farm with Basil ice cream and 70% Chocolate.

gaggan , bangkok

gaggan , bangkok

Digestive Tamarind Leather. – A Tamarind flavoured dried fruit puree.

gaggan , bangkokTime for the bill.  – So we both had “The taste of Gaggan” menu at 2500 baht ( £50 / $71) which wasn`t too bad price for the best restaurant in Asia. Total bill with drinks and service came to 8,063 Baht (£160 / $230 ). I`ve just noticed on the Gaggan website HERE that since the awards last week there is now only one menu.”The Gaggan experience” priced at 3,500 baht  ( £69 / $100 ).


All washed down with a small and  very expensive bottle of Beer. £8 / $11  gaggan , bangkok

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