New Camera – Time to move up a step

I`ve always been close to my Fuji for the last few years , a finepix S9600 has been by my side for all my food pics up to date.But now i`m looking for something with good depth of field control and a better quality lens also…..Enter the world of Canon EOS.
I managed to get hold of an EOS 350d at a really good price a couple of weeks ago and then upgraded the lens with a second hand one off ebay. I was expecting the photos to be totally different…from “Black to white” is how my photography friends put it. Up to press all my test shots are very disheartening to say the least….But ill give it a while longer before it gets boxed up again and sent off on a long holiday to ebay.
In the meantime…..My trusty finepix is lying next to me….feels good

So the pics above were taken with my finepix S9600.The ones below were taken with the Canon EOS

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