Fruit Crumble -A quick stop on the way home from work.

Here`s a quick one , maybe 30 minutes start to finish. One of the guys from work brought a bag of apples in today , Highly perfumed and pink through the middle , possibly “Pink pearls”.He asked me to knock a crumble up for work that he could eat cold as he didnt like hot fruit. Here`s the apples as they are straight off the tree and also a view though the cross section after they`re sliced….beautiful.

A quick 5 minutes picking Blackites ( Thats Cumbrian for Blackberries ) on the way home from work and i had everything i needed for my quick end of summer pudding.

Here`s how i put it together. ..Peel the apples ( roughly 8-10) and cut them into 8 pieces lengthwise, trim out the cores.Heat up a cupful of sugar in a saute pan until it begins to caramelise.Add the apples and turn them in the caramel until they start turning golden.Add a couple of pieces of butter and then lower the heat to gently cook the apples through.

To make the crumble mixture i didnt measure anything out , just kind of went by the trusty measurement of “handfuls”…so here goes. Take a handful of Brazil nuts , demerera sugar , flour, Oats , and put them in a food processor.Add about 50g of unsalted butter and a pinch of cinnamon.Process these ingredients together on a slow speed until they start forming lumps.Empty the processor out onto a baking tray , level out and press the mixture down to firm up. Put this in the oven until the mixture turns golden.

To assemble the crumble , firstly spoon out a layer of Berries , add some cooking juices over the berries.Top this with a spoonful of caramelised apples. Carefully lift off a piece of the crumble mixture and top off with a quenelle of creme fraiche.( The crumble definitely needs the creme fraiche because its so sweet )

Oh and here`s a quick variation if there`s no blackberries.Just make the fruit mix up with apples only and add that something extra by throwing in a handful of sultanas and a good shake of cinnamon.

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  1. Auldo says:

    Looks great. Those apples looks tasty as hell.

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