Alyn Williams at The Westbury Hotel.

Another trip down to London and three more fantastic restaurants arranged for our weekend.First night would be the tasting menu at recently opened Alyn Williams at the Westbury hotel.This would be followed by Truffle tasting at Ducasse and Sunday lunch tasting menu at the Ritz…fantastic. The critical couple had been raving over Alyns cooking for quite a while so it seemed sensible to go with their recommendation and head over there as our first port of call on the friday evening.So first impressions…Beautiful , totally brand new and well thought out moody lighting set the scene for the food. The tables were lit from above so the food was put under the spotlight as it should be.

The tasting menu is currently £55 and the 3 course alc is £45 , very good value and i believe it will stay at this price for a while.Wine pairings are available to suit the tasting menu along with quality wines by the glass.One thing to note however…the photo of the wine cooler on the left….top bottle on the right.It`s a Dom Perignon Rose 1996 vintage and will cost approximately £1,562 per glass…or you can buy the full bottle for £35,000 …or the empty one for £20,000 as it`s  actually dipped into Rose gold….Scary but it`s a replacement for the one that was purchased last year by a Russian billionaire….Next time Alyn .

So on to the Chef and the food – Alyn williams ,the chef of the moment in the city and as far as pedigree goes then working at Le champignon sauvage , sous chef at Gordon Ramsay Royal hospital road, Head chef at Petrus and Head chef for two years at The Berkeley under Marcus Wareing.CV`s don`t come much better than that. Lavender champagne in the Westbury lounge led us on to the tasting menu and the instruction “Tell Alyn we will eat whatever he cooks…feel free , we eat anything”…not realising that would spur chef on to an 18 course feast… follows.

Selection of Amuse bouche – Gougeres / Crispy salmon belly / Tom yam shrimp / Little truffle risotto balls.

Cauliflower Pannacotta , Acorn , Cream cheese wafers.

Smoked Egg , Perigord Truffle soldiers.

French Onion Consomme , Crab , Lyonaisse.

Lobster , Fennel custard skin , Eel.

Foie Gras semi fredo , Liquorice , Lime , Frozen yoghurt.

Foie Gras semi fredo , Liquorice , Sand Carrot.

Beef Tartare , Catalonia , Gribiche.

Snails , Soil , Pickled Onion , Scarlet Elf cap.

Chicken wings , Perigord Truffle , Lemon , Ramsons.

Grilled Plaice , Ink , Cuttlefish , Ricotta , Puntarella , Mojamo , Lardo.

 Cod cheeks , Snouts , Tongue , Beach vegetables , Cockles.

Venison , Acorn , Cima di rape , Rosehip vinegar , Mandarin.

Cheese selection.

Pear creme catalana , Pear , Pine.

Cows curd cheesecake , Passion fruit , Honey , Flapjack.

Blood Orange,Crystal Malt ice cream,Dried Milk,Toasted white Chocolate.

Chocolate , Peanut butter ice cream.

Fantastic meal and wine in a stunning restaurant.Food was very well sourced and cooked.Alyn , great guy , down to earth and all smiles. ( sorry we kept you back so long ) and a visit to the Westbury would be well worth it.
And finally…The dregs of the night are escorted to the front door….Mr Cumbriafoodie ( no , Im not pregnant ) , Chef of the moment Mr Alyn Williams and my personal minder and private bodyguard The right honorable Laird Bell o the Borders.

All of the photos from the meal can be viewed on my Flickr account HERE.

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  1. karohemd says:

    I’m going there when I’m in London during my birthday week. 55 quid is a steal for such a menu!

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