Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley – Visit 3

marcus waring , berkeley hotel, london

It was my third visit to Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley hotel in a year , i`m a very blessed guy i guess. I keep intending to try somewhere new when i`m in London but i end up heading to the Berkeley as i know i`m going to get totally pampered by the staff , spoiled rotten with the wines and served up some of the best food in London….so here i am yet again. Another birthday meal and the perfect place to celebrate it. I won`t repeat myself  again by writing about the place, Ive already done that, so it`s probably just a good idea to showcase the food that i had. The Menu that i chose was simply ” Chef`s Menu ” and i always find that`s what to ask for … ” Just let chef cook what he wants to cook ” , you`ll always get some cracking food if chef can do that for you.

As for the wine, anyone wanting to put their trust in the Sommelier then this is the place to do it. I think the best approach is the ” inspire me ” one…within reason though. Tell the Sommelier not to break the bank and dont go daft with the prices and they`ll do some wonderful combinations to match up with the food. We must have got through 15 or more wines during the meal and 3 times we got 2 glasses per course just so we could try out two different approaches in marrying a wine to a flavour. Our Sommelier was in his element over the evening , he smiled , he observed our reactions from a distance , he returned to our table smirking, knowing he`d done the business – worth his weight in gold , he`s great.

Dimitri , the restaurant manager , top guy and as always has honed the art of hospitality off to perfection..These people running a restaurant in the way in which they do make the fine dining experience into something out of the ordinary.I`m sitting here writing this post and reminiscing on the evening and i just want to go back again.It`s the welcomes , the smiles , the personal touch which makes the diner feel as though they`re royalty.

The Service and hospitality are second to none , it`s absolutely perfection….as always.

The wine service , My comments above say it all , its an experience in itself , an amazing Sommelier.

The food , Modern , up to date and cooked accurately to perfection .Only one little whinge which isn`t so bad after 50 or more courses , The desserts , “in my opinion” need looked at and more finesse and effort put into them.Don`t get me wrong , they`re wonderful but they`re not Michelin 2 star standard as is the rest of the food.

Apologies for the photos , its an amazing place for romantics but not geeky bloggers like myself. The lights dim down rather a lot in order to create the atmosphere and my foodie pics ended up in virtual darkness. Thanks to the wonderful invention that is `Photoshop` and a lot of work , i managed to half rescue the photos into something almost acceptable….. and so on with the food.

Amuse bouche – Grilled Salmon

marcus waring , berkeley hotel,  london

Amuse bouche – Baby Squid

marcus waring , berkeley hotel,  london

Amuse bouche – Grilled Quail hearts.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Amuse bouche –

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Kombu , Langoustine , Mirin.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Foie Gras , Pineapple , Cinnamon , Brioche. ( As generous portions go then take a look at this one .Foie gras….forever my favourite )

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Mackerel , Greengage , Onion , Sea Purslaine. ( what a fantastic combination , Mackerel and Greengage )

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

                                      Cornish Crab , Radish , Cucumber.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

                          Quail , Hispi ( cabbage ) , Girolles , Consomme.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

                                              Sweetbread , Almond , Grapes.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Turbot , Cockles , Razor clams , Fennel.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

And so began the Red wine experience.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Suckling Lamb , Beans , Oregano , Flower Marie , Courgettes.

marcus wareing , berkeley , london

Beef , Beetroot , Watercress.

marcus wareing , berkeley london

Pimms & Lemonade.

marcus wareing , berkeley london

Apple , crispy Cinnamon pastry , Apple jelly.

marcus wareing , berkeley london

A beautiful display of Orchids as we went into the restaurant.I was really surprised when i seen that they were perfectly healthy plants.Apparently they need very little moisture and survive by simply being sprayed with water each day.

marcus wareing , berkeley london

Laird Bell leads the way to the Berkeley, I`m saying nothing, Do i really need to ?

marcus wareing , berkeley london

A full set of photos from MW at the Berkeley can be FOUND HERE

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I love Dmitri – he always looks after me. Not sure I totally agree about desserts I had an amazing one there not long ago with bits of jelly stuck to the sides and they threw in a custard tart, because I really needed that. Great photos by the way.They have a brilliant vegetarian menu as well. I’m forcing myself to try other places because I keep ending up here too.

    1. Agree with you totally Nicky , my previous visits have also been amazing ( see my james knappett post )….including the Custard tart. I was simply commenting that on this visit the desserts were not 2 star standard. Cheers.

  2. good pics given the lighting conditions which are tricky to say the least, glad that MW is looking after you (his staff at least). agreed however, that apple dessert looks ropey.

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