The Drunken Duck – Ambleside , an escape from life.

THE LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN DUCK – This unofficial title dates back to Victorian times when a landlady of the Inn found her ducks lying stretched out in the road and concluded that they were dead.Thriftily she began to pluck and prepare them for dinner. The ducks however, were “quick” and not dead. Down in the cellar a barrel had slipped its hoops and beer had gradually drained from the floor into the duck’s customary feeding ditch. Thereupon the ducks made all too good use of their unexpected opportunity, with the result that when they came to they found themselves plucked and halfway to the oven.According to local legend, the landlady, full of remorse for the rough treatment, provided the de-feathered birds with knitted waistcoats of Hawkshead yarn until their feathers grew back again.


I`ll tell you what… it`s taken me enough time to get over to the Drunken Duck inn.This place is another one of those “Escape from life” kind of secrets….a short hop from city life over to Penrith, a 10 mile drive through the stunning lakeland scenery of the Langdale valley and you`ll be at the Drunken Duck,hidden away from life itself.Head on up to the room, close the door and only come back out again to savour the home brewed ales and some of the most comforting pub food you`ll ever experience. The prices for an overnighter really surprised me. The rooms actually start at £95 and that`s for two people with full English breakfast , newspapers and they even throw afternoon cream tea in when you arrive at the hotel.The guests also have free use of all the leisure facilities at the Langdale Country Club down the road…not that you`ll want to go there once you get in that Drunken duck bar and start sampling the home brewed beer.

STOP PRESS –  Congratulations to The Drunken Duck ,  winner of the Cumbria life food award  “Restaurant of the year 2013”.

The view of the valley from the front door.


Chefs take time out to do a few modelling photos…they love the camera so much.


Fillet Steak and Caramelised Onion sandwich , Chips and wholegrain Mayo.I got this sandwich for the 1 hour drive home to Whitehaven….Ohhh wow , so simple and so beautiful. Fillet of Beef cooked rare and served up in home baked bread…so good.

DSC_4177 (2)


Salt Beef , Gherkin , cheddar sandwichP1010869 DSC_4164  Baked Thornby Moor Goats Cheese , Waldorf salad.


Smoked Haddock , Lancashire Cheese and Chive SouffleP1010865

Gruyere and Sage Omelette , Radish and Apple salad.DSC_4160

Chef plates up the Game terrine during lunch service.DSC_4200 Coarse Game and Chicken Liver Pate , Cider Jelly , Toasted Sourdough , Smoked Butter.P1010883  Whole Sole , Brown Shrimp butter , Caper berries and New potatoes


P1010891 Whole roasted drunken Cherry glazed Duck, Savoy Cabbage , Bacon , Duck fat Potatoes.This is one of the house specials and chef…if you read this then please tell me how to do those Parsnips…OMG, i could eat them until the cows come home.So simple i`m sure but so amazing eaten with that little Duck.DSC_4233  P1010912

Tarte Tatin of Apples


Not quite sure what this one was…It was like an Eccles cake but with winter fruits inside.P1010944 Congratulations to the Barngates brewery at the recent Cumbria life Food and drink awards 2013. Their Red Bull Terrier won Gold status award.

The new delivery of Malt lies in the snow…just arrived by the roadside.


The walk over to the Brewery , a little den where the Magic happens.



Chief Brewer all smiles…..He knows its good.

DSC_4311 - Copy

Hops hanging from the bar ceiling

DSC_4322 DSC_4333 DSC_4335   A cold January day in Cumbria….but once inside it`s all smiles n comfort. DSC_4405 DSC_4244 

To view more photos from The Drunken Duck please CLICK HERE

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. islandmomma says:

    It’s many a year now since I had a real, Lake District pub lunch ….which were always great…..all I can say is that pub grub has changed an awful lot in my absence! Lovely pix & post.

  2. Kavey says:

    We went for lunch there a few years ago… and I had the steak and caramelised onion sandwich! Was a lovely pub and good food too. Hadn’t realised they did rooms (though we were self-catering with friends so weren’t looking). Nice!

  3. Jill Allen says:

    We went for dinner on my 50th birthday cumbrian road trip on motorbikes. Managed to get a table here for dinner. It was seriously good. The muse bouche was a wild mushroom soup. It was gorgeous. A lady at the next table did not touch hers as she wasn’t fond of mushrooms. I demonstrated a monumentous amount of restraint by NOT asking her if I could take it off her hands. It has since remained a regret of mine!! Have since bumped into the locals on their Manx Grand Prix trip to the Isle of Man – recognised them by their drunken duck tshirts!

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