Koffmann – An evening of the classics.


My latest trip to London was a bit of a last minute job so i really didn`t have much time to think about where i was eating. My friend David from The CriticalCouple blog suggested that we should do a London classic – Pierre Koffmann at the Berkeley ,old school at its very best. Koffmann is one of the `daddies` of the food revolution in the UK and a bit of a demi god in the chef world.

 I have already been for lunch here so i won`t ramble on and repeat myself once again.( Click HERE for the last visit ) We decided to have a guys night and go for the Old school Koffmann classics , dishes that have been on Pierre`s menu for the last 30 years. There`s no foams , gels , or liquid nitrogen here, there`s just pure classic French cuisine at its basic best. Reduced sauces , Butter and Cream….Just how i like it.

Top marks for the food , simple , extremely rich and very enjoyable. Next time don`t forget the bread guys. We were too busy chatting to realise we hadn`t been offered any. Koffmanns bread is amazing and also very essential to clean up the  wonderful sauces. Here`s what we ate –

Turbot – One of the evenings `Specials`P1100310                        P1100368  FOIE GRAS CHAUD, ENDIVE ET SAUTERNES  – Hot foie gras, chicory & Sauternes   £16



CALAMARS BOLOGNAISE  – Squid Bolognese-style   £11


LANGOUSTINES  – Langoustine tortellini with langoustine broth   £12


PIED DE COCHON, TANTE CLAIRE  – Pig’s trotter stuffed, sweetbreads & morels   £29



CARRÉ DE PORCELET ET HARICOTS TARBAIS  – Roast rack of piglet, Tarbais beans   £26


FROMAGES  – Selection of cheeses   £15



SOUFFLÉ AUX PISTACHES ET SA GLACE  – Pistachio soufflé with pistachio ice-cream   £15


CRÊPES SUZETTE  – Crêpes with an orange liqueur sauce   £10


PETITS FOURS – Simple as they come.


Always the last ones to leave.

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  1. Jill Allen says:

    This is my kind of food. I think I would positively zoom off into food heaven. Thanks for sharing.

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