HEDONE , London – The`Carte Blanche` menu

Chef Mikael Jonsson runs his London Chiswick restaurant Hedone with total precision and passion for the sourcing and cooking of the very best of ingredients . It was a return visit for me after being so impressed during my initial trip a year ago. I dined at the Michelin starred Hedone during game season last year so if that meal was anything to go by then this one would also be superb. Quality and freshness are key here and premier suppliers are extremely high on the list of importance as Mikael basically wants his produce walking or flying into his kitchen.

White Truffles were on the menu during my visit. I was told that they were still in the ground in Alba , Italy 24 hours  prior to my visit. They certainly smelled incredibly intense. We were asked if we would like some Truffle with one of our courses – “Absolutely”. I noticed that many other diners were also going for the Truffle option. One mistake I made ( as no doubt others did ) was not  asking  the “supplement” price. It was £35 per person per dish. Well at least I had the experience but personally no food on earth justifies a £35 per dish `extra` for a few wafer thin slices of  White Truffle….Never again.P1130928

The menu started off with various little appetisers Cherry , Foie gras , field mushroom , Tuna Tartare  Amuse bouche.




Avocado / Crab


Hedone Sourdough.


Lobster ,  Coral sauce –  The Lobsters ( bless the poor lil creatures ) were on the work tops just in front of us still alive with legs going like the clappers – Until they were skewered for cooking that is. As fresh as fresh can be.


Scallop , Seaweed and Dashi.


Liquid Parmesan Ravioli.


Pollock , smoked potato puree – This was Mikaels favourite dish. I would never order Pollock off a menu , it`s a tasteless  fish and the texture isn`t good. We just throw them back into the sea when we`re fishing.

P1130972 Foie Gras with fresh and smoked Figs ,  Lemon – My kind of food , heaven on a plate. A huge piece of Foie Gras which I ate very slowly savouring every mouthful. A wonderful dish and definitely best part of my menu.

hedone P1130981

Hare , Red wine , Chocolate , Sprouts , White Truffle –  Gamey , very rich and classic flavours. Very much a luxury and very expensive plate of food which was superb to eat….but next time no Truffles.


I don’t know what this one was. It had fruit and cream inside and kept falling over.


Textures of Tiramisu.

P1140019The Hedone menu  “ Carte Blanche “ with wine pairing, a glass of fizz , service and Truffle supplement came to £249 per person.

Hedone on UrbanspoonAll the photos from the meal are on Flickr . Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW

P1140008Nice view of the action from my seat and the poor girl was so cool under pressure.       20141128_232350

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  1. Pete says:

    This is a strangely non-committal review. Did you rate it, and was it worth the money (supplement excluded)?

    1. It was “ok” but not in the same league as my first visit. Maybe I was expecting something similar. Sitting at the counter watching the team working is an experience so definitely worth a visit.

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