L`enclume – Michelin Star food on my doorstep

“A gastro-laboratory in the middle of nowhere that redefines the notion of food? Is this yet another paean to Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli in northeastern Spain? Actually, no. This is a paean to Simon Rogan’s L’Enclume in the village of Cartmel at the southern end of England’s Lake District. When El Bulli closes for two years in 2012, L’Enclume will be the world’s best restaurant ? “
Im certainly not going to argue over it….and its almost on my doorstep.The restaurant actually got off to a great start a few years ago when Giles Coren reviewed it for the Times.

“Ferran Adrià changes the menu at El Bulli once a year. Nobody who cooks like this changes the menu four times a year. Nobody. I don’t know that Simon Rogan is not the best chef in the world.” Skill: 10   Wit: 10   Judgment: 10

This morning , L`enclume was also awarded the highest accolade handed out by the AA guide , 5 Rosettes , so Cumbria and the worlds finest foods are rapidly on the way up there.I had the pleasure to try out the new late summer menu a few weeks ago, a 15 course vegetarian menu for lunch followed by a 15 course meat and fish menu for dinner.Pretty tough going by course 29 but i managed all the same.Heres the link to the courses as they were served.


The food was totally amazing and if i had to choose a little  treat for myself out of the 30 courses…. well here it is.

Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes , Our sheeps milk Ricotta , Garlic Mayo , Borage flowers.

Grown up Yolk from the Golden Egg , Crispy rice and Mizuna cress.

Sugar snax and Paris market Carrots, Ham fat and Nasturtiums.

Vintage Potatoes in Onion ashes , Lovage an wood sorrel

Muncaster Crab with Tiger Tomatoes, Mallow and Pickled Lemon crystal


Sillfield Farm Pork , Sweet white Onion , Parsley and Mugwort

Raspberries , Sweet Cheese , Lemon Balm and Dehydrated Milk Skin


Buttermilk with Strawberry , Apricot and Sweet Cicely

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