Visionary Dining – Young Chef of the year 2011.

An amazing and very enjoyable evening at the lakes hotel school in Kendal last night , 11 wonderful courses of fabulous food , enjoyable wine, top class chefs and lovely people.The evening started at 4.30 and i ate , slurped lots of wine and fell into bed at 1 am……then got back up at 4.30 for the journey back to Sellafield and the delights of first shift…..So i`ll let the pics do the talking as i`m not up for blabbering away tonight…..time for bed.

Champagne and Canapes – Aumbry Restaurant , Manchester

Scallop and Caviar Ceviche / Jasmine and Honey Spherifications.

SOUP – Michael Lipscombe with Mark Poynton (Alimentum ) –  Oxtail , Ceps and Truffle

FLIGHT – Gareth Bevan with Kenny Atkinson (Rockliffe Hall) – Pressed Terrine
of Yorkshire Partridge , Foie gras and Ham hock, Celeriac & mustard
remoulade, pickled pears and roasted Hazelnuts.

JAPAN – Nick Evans with Michael Wignall  (The Latymer at Pennyhill park )– Teriyaki marinated Rainbow trout , seaweed salad , chervil mousseline , seaweed tea.

CARROTS – David Simms with Simon Rogan (Lenclume) – Mainly Carrot ,
other subtle flavours  – Smoke , Ham , Cheddar , Vinegar and Chervil.

THE SEA – Tom Lawson with Rupert Rowley (Fischers Baslow ) – A selection of
lightly pickled shellfish , tomato ( marie rose ) Brown bread and butter.

4 LEGS – Steve Smith with Sujan Sakar (Freemasons arms) – Pigs trotters ,
Tandoori spices , Apple and pumpkin.

2050 – Andrew Postlethwaite with Chris Holland (Alderley edge hotel) – Beef tea ,
delicate Ginger , Lemongrass , sesame , Soya oriental  flavour noodles.

GAME ( and the winning dish ) – Rohan Nevis with Aiden Byrne (The church green) – Wild Hare wrapped in Chicory and Sage.

CHOCOLATE – John Killington with Andre Garret (Galvin@windows) – Dark chocolate
mainly with a little white , hint of Tonka bean, some spice , cardamom, star
anise and some Orange.

APPLES – Derek Donaldson with Alan Irwin (Lujon ) – Apple cremeux ,
Cinnamon sponge , Camomile smoked Apple pastilles , Granny smith sorbet , Pink
lady jelly , Gingerbread sable , crisps and foam.

If you would like to view all of the photos from the Visionary dining evening then please just click HERE to see them on my Flickr page.

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  1. chris says:

    incredible food photos mate, can u advise me what camera/lense you used or would recomend to get photographs as clear and crisp as these?

    1. Absolutely no problem, I use the Panasonic lumix LX5, its pocket sized, discreet, amazing in low light so no flash needed, and the nearest focusing distance is 1cm.macro facility is £2000 canon slr sits in a drawer unused,i just use the Lumix all the time.for food pics,you really don’t need anything else.And the price……… £299 on amazon…..Shocked ?

  2. I stand corrected , its currently £279 on google shopping.
    Took me a month of research to pick this camera , its probably the best comact on the market at the moment , scoring 10/10 on a lot of reviews.At that price you cant go wrong.

  3. Mark Carr says:

    I had the official rights to all images that night – please confirm on this site that you were not there in any official capacity and confirm no images will be released to any third party whatsoever otherwise I shall have to consider legal action as my company invested £1000s to sponsor that event. I have the legal right to seek an injunction retraining further publication and seeking damages against you but trust that will not be necessary and you will correct your post at this stage.
    Mark Carr Photography

    1. Dave says:

      Interesting. Did the owner make anyone aware there was a restriction on taking pictures?

    2. Bill says:

      Mark. You may have the rights to ‘official’ images that you’ve taken, but you’ve got absolutely no rights at all over any images that other people have taken. Unless you had signs at every entrance and dotted around the venue reminding people that photography was not allowed that is.

      No, didn’t think so.

      I’d strongly suggest in that case that you save your money (that you’re threatening to spend on overpriced lawyers) as you’ll quite simply lose, and make yourself look daft into the bargain.

      Alan. Nice pictures. Very well presented.

    3. Tim says:

      There appear to have been no restrictions either explicit or implicit or any sineage to highlight that no photography was allowed as a condition of entry.

      Hence you don’t have a legal leg to stand on, the photography may do as he wishes with the images including selling them for monetary gain.

    4. Dave says:

      Get a life he took those photos, its people like you who have wrecked the uk.

      1. Dave says:

        Get a life he took those photos, its people like you who have wrecked the uk, and if you’re going to openly threaten someone with legal action in such a bullying and arrogant manner ,maybe you will be as good to quote the law under which you will do this and the reasons you left the legal profession, if you were such an experienced and knowledgable lawyer?

  4. Spud says:

    Alan, your workmanship once again inspires,
    Might try one of your posh gaffs,

  5. Dave says:

    Further to my last reply Mr Carr, as a professional photographer can you also please explain the apparent lack of quality,clarity and focus in your photos of this event, particuarly when compared to the quality of photos on this blog.

  6. Fotografreak says:

    Looks like somebody is jealous because the unofficial photographs are better…

  7. Here`s the latest on this one……and it`s off a “police” website….good discussion thread though.

  8. Mark Russell says:

    Alan – I am disgusted to hear that the organiser has now banned you from all future events, how pathetic and petty.

    Mark Carr – Get a life man, and if you need lessons in photography I am sure that Alan can tutor you.

  9. Mark Carr has contradicted himself on more than one occasion, he states that he paid for the ‘rights’ to the evening on Twitter yet on his Facebook page he admits that he worked on the night for free, come on Mark which one is it?

    I was there on the night happily snapping away as were around 150 other people, at no point were we told that photography was not allowed either by Gordon AKA “the sweaty one” or Mark Carr.

    Mark Carr has made a tit of himself and his pseudo legal threats to Alan are laughable, and as an alleged ex solicitor this makes them even more ridiculous.

    Mark if you are reading this either sue Alan and all the guys including me who were taking pics on the night and posting them online on Twitter, Facebook and blogs or fuck off back under your shell with copies of Law for Dummies and an Idiot’s Guide to Photoshop, both of which you should study very carefully before venturing out in public again.

    Alan’s pics put Mark’s to shame, I’m surprised Mark has the audacity to claim that he is a ‘professional’ photographer as his pics and his attitude are neither both.

  10. Really pleased on how my dish looked, especailly as it was all my own work, from start to finish, as all my mentors kept backing out!!! i had the support of Mark Poynton on the night, which was good, some fantastic pitcures, well done

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